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Advanced Training 1


AT_Manual_Inserts 1-2-12

Advanced Disadvantages Of Common Knives (PDF) Advanced Disadvantages Of Common Knives (Word Doc)

AT Phone Approaches And Thought Joggers (PDF) AT Phone Approaches And Thought Joggers (Word Doc)


Spanish Phone, Advanced Warmup, Rec Approach (PDF) Spanish Phone, Advanced Warmup, Rec Approach (Word Doc)

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JOE GIANNELLI’S Advanced Training:

MIKE COSCETTA’S Advanced Training:

9 Responses to Advanced Training 1

  1. Cadene Catenehead says:

    I must say i really learnt alot from this video and am ready to make some sales!!

  2. Josue Vazquez says:

    Videos is helpful and a good demonstration on how to speak with potential customers

  3. demon williams says:

    These videos are very helpful keeping efficient etiquette and following the manual read,cut and have fun

  4. Shane Branham says:

    Loved both Video’s wanting to crush it now!

  5. Britany Halliday says:

    The first ten days maybe your toughest but if you work really hard and keep your head held high your luck will change!

  6. joseph Musielski says:

    Just the boost I needed!

  7. mike shuler says:

    just plain old inspiring..

  8. Hector Diaz says:

    The videos were really helpful, because they had more information about sells than the basic training. 

  9. David Carnein says:

    Well I've been doing this for 3 days now, and I'm three for three on my sales.

    For right now I'm getting those 60% fencers.


    Hope to keep this going, this video helps a real lot, gives me a boost to get on the phone and fill my week to the gills.

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