Cutco Sales Training



Call in for Personal Daily Interaction (PDI) after each demo

7 Responses to DAY 1 (SATURDAY)

  1. Evan Keller says:

    Love everything about this!

  2. John Zamudio says:

    one veggie peeler down, 999,999,999 to go :J

  3. Eric Yager says:

    can’t wait for my first full day :)

  4. Janishka Villanueva says:

    Hey I’m new to this. so i really don’t know what im doing aha.

  5. odalys quintanilla says:

    So I called one of my MAC customer and guest what? Her mom sells pampered chef… lol

  6. Melissa Danielson says:

    It’s crazy how many positive things come from this job!

  7. Taelin Lanier says:

    first full day: 6 appointments, 1 sell $118, 13 referrals. I was not happy with the outcome. But this video definitely helped me feel better and put me back on track.

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