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DOCUMENTS: Sales Objections

Closing before objections (39 minutes):

Objection Cycle (19 minutes):


Gino Leocadi’s Closing Message (41 minutes): Gino has been a rep for almost 45 years and has personally sold millions.  


3 Responses to CLOSING

  1. Mourgan Reed says:

    Just wanted to thank you for putting this video up. I learned so much from this video, especially his way of responding to the customers when they say the product is too expensive. I seem to get this response quite often during my demonstrations, and usually I have no response to give back other than what I have already said throughout my presentation. Gino’s response to this makes the customer feel like they are getting everything and more for their money which is exactly the type of response I was looking for within my words. I learned a great amount of information in this video, again, thank you for making it available for us.


  2. Quave Ussin says:

    Joe….is…AWESOME. Sooo much info from just watching. I’m ready for Mrs. Jones to buy whatever I put in front of her! Thanks guys!

  3. leroy byas says:

    thanks alot of important points

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